Are Atheists Moving Toward The Alt-Right?

Are atheists “veering to the alt-right”? Well, there’s at least one, once prominent atheist, that believes so. I was surprised to see this in my timeline this morning from Godless_Mom. So I read the article she responded to, and then I had to think about it for a while before I decided to respond to it.

The article is titled Too Many Atheists Are Veering Dangerously Toward the Alt-Right. I was of course intrigued by the assertion made. I can’t think of any atheist I know, or even anyone I’ve communicated with online, that I would ever have considered to be alt-right.Most atheists I know are liberal, or even progressive, but far from being white supremacists or neo-nazi’s as asserted in this article. Why would this author make claims like these?

Well, once I saw who the author was, it made perfect sense. Chris Stedman has been making all sorts of allegations about atheists for years. He accuses atheists of being sexist, racists, homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, and whatever else he can to place any and all atheists in disrepute.

Of course, the general public eats this stuff up. It is a confirmation bias on their part.

Stedman actually believes that young, white, atheist males trend toward the white supremecy of Richard Spencer. Stedman, however, never offers proof of what he claims. Spencer claims to be an atheist, so there must be a connection there. That’s it.

He’s always been one of those “atheists” of the type, if you don’t agree with me then… In other words, an idiot. He continuously spews nonsense that only resonates with those Social Justice Warriors; People that believe that atheism is something more than just not believing in god(s). What he fails to understand is that atheists are individuals, and not part of any social groupthink. Most, if not all atheists I’ve come into contact with are very much humanist. We care about humanity and there are so many of us involved daily as activists in areas which we are most concerned.

I can’t say that every atheist is an activist, but then I won’t concede that atheism is trending toward an ideology that is repugnant to most people, atheist or not.

Stedman is looking to become relevant again. He was the darling of some a few years ago, but alienated most atheists because of his strident views. He became angry because his views were widely rejected. He still seems to be angry.

Young Mr. Stedman has also marginalized himself among atheists. Is there actually anyone out there that would take anything he has to say seriously? I doubt it. It seems he makes his living now by making outrageous claims that have no basis in reality.

Its long time that Chris Stedman makes an exit, stage right, and try to actually become a productive person.





2 thoughts on “Are Atheists Moving Toward The Alt-Right?

  1. Atheism, to me shouldn’t be political at all. But I’ve noticed over the years that most people I know would describe themselves as liberal, even progressive. I think that’s why we see atheism portrayed in the media as “left wing”, or whatever phrase of the day they want to use. I actually find people I meet surprised that I’m a conservative. It’s like I’m some sort of anomaly.

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